Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

In 2004 FASD programming and services at the Regina Community Clinic began with a grant from Federal Youth Justice.  This 2-year pilot-project involved young offenders and FASD with the intent of offering assessments from which pragmatic plans could be developed in the hopes of limiting future criminal involvement. The young offenders referred to the program were usually designated as high risk with a lengthy criminal history. This grant ended in May 2006 with approximately 40 young offenders receiving service during that time.

Programming and services for people with FASD continues with a FASD case coordinator/manager acting as a resource for these youth and their families, social workers and youth workers, and any other professionals who may be involved with a youth’s well-being.

In 2005, The Regina Community Clinic made the FASD programming a permanent entity and the FASD Centre came into being.  The FASD Centre continues to assist youth and adults in custody, as well as youth and adults generally, who seek support and services related to FASD. For more information please contact: Cheryl Charron, FASD, at 543-7880 ext. 268