Calming Breath Exercise

The calming breath exercise was adapted from the ancient discipline of yoga. It is a very efficient technique for achieving a deep state of relaxation quickly.

1. Breathing from your abdomen, inhale through your nose slowly to a count of five.

2. Pause and hold our breath to a count of five.

3. Exhale slowly, through your nose or mouth, to a count of five. Be sure to exhale fully.

4. When you’ve exhaled completely, take two breaths in your normal rhythm, then repeat steps 1 though 3 in the cycle above.

5. Keep up the exercise for at least three to five minutes.

6. Throughout the exercise, keep your breathing smooth and regular, without gulping in breaths or breathing out suddenly.

7. You may wish to say relax, calm, let go, or any other relaxing word or phrase silently to yourself each time you exhale.

Gratitude Supplement Poster - November 2021