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FASD Centre coaches prepared 20 Holiday Hampers for their clients

January 3, 2022By Regina Community ClinicFASD

Every Christmas season food security along with other concerns arise for FASD clients. This year, the FASD Centre coaches prepared 20 Holiday Hampers for their clients. The hampers included non-perishable items along with a slow-cooker in order to help clients prepare quick and nutritious meals.

The FASD Centre continues to support their clients with life skills coaching, addictions coaching, and classes.

FASD Centre coaches

Happy Holiday Season and Best Wishes! The FASD Centre Coaches

December 1, 2021By Regina Community ClinicFASD

Around this time of the year, we gather with loved ones whether that be family, or friends. We at the FASD Centre believe in connection with others, whether that is with our clients, our staff, or agencies we regularly work with. Connecting with people we care about, or people we work with on a professional basis, can mean doing a small act of kindness, reaching out to check in, and/or sending that holiday greeting. Here are a few tips that might make for a more enjoyable holidays season:

FASD Centre – Tips for an Enjoyable Holiday Season

FASD Centre - Happy Holidays

Annual Report 2021 Member Survey

June 2, 2021By Regina Community ClinicRCC

In March 2021 the Member Relations Committee of the Board issued a Member Engagement Survey via Survey Monkey to members who have provided their email address to the Clinic.

The Committee appreciates receiving responses from 68% of the emails sent. About 40% of the respondents have been a member of the Clinic for over 20 years, and 70% said they chose to become a member to support the mission and values of the co-operative. The majority of our members have been the recipient of health and/or lifestyle services.

It was gratifying to learn that almost three quarters of the respondents feel they are adequately informed about what is going on at the Clinic and many commented on how we could continue to improve our communications. The monthly Bulletins are a leader in finding information about the Clinic, as is the web site.

Using technology to reach out to members and provide information does save money in printing, paper and mailing costs. The Clinic will continue to ask members to provide their email addresses and update their contact information to increase the reach via technology. Changing contact information is the responsibility of the member and members should be aware that the patient information database is not connected to the member database due to privacy regulations. Changing contact information in one database does not automatically update the other.

The Board and Administration will be considering member communication processes suggested by the Survey respondents depending on feasibility and cost effectiveness. Members are encouraged to reach out to the Board or Administration with any concerns or suggestions for improvement.

Board members can be reached at

View/Download Survey Results – 2021 (PDF)