Going Vegetarian

April 29, 2022By Regina Community ClinicLifestyles, Nutrition

Have you ever considered following a vegetarian diet but not sure if you can give up steak the rest of your life? There are many benefits to following a vegetarian eating plan, but it doesn’t always mean that you can’t eat ANY meat. Here are some definitions for different types of vegetarianism:

Vegetarian – generally a term for someone who does not eat any meat

Ovo-vegetarian – does not eat meat and dairy products but will eat eggs

Lacto–vegetarian – does not eat meat and eggs but will eat dairy products

Flexitarian or semi-vegetarian – eats mostly plant-based foods but may occasionally include meat, dairy, eggs, poultry, and fish in small amounts

Pescatarian – does not eat meat but will eat fish

Pollo–vegetarian – does not eat meat or fish but will eat chicken

Vegan – does not eat any animal products, including honey and gelatin

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Going Vegetarian

March is Nutrition Month!

March 2, 2022By Regina Community ClinicLifestyles

The factors that influence your future health and the health of Canadians are challenging and complex. Dietitians value the importance of creating a healthier tomorrow by acting on the key ingredients needed today. Ingredients like healthy sustainable food choices, food skills, nutrition education, access to nutritious food, and disease prevention are important to dietitians and the work they do.

Here is a protein-packed recipe from dietitian, Joanne Gallagher:

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Lifestyles - March 2022 - March is Nutrition Month!