Who can utilize counselling services?

Counselling services are available to patients of RCC, who are 16 years of age and older and have been referred by an RCC healthcare professional.

What is the cost for the services?

Counselling services are free of charge.

Is counselling right for me?

It is a common misconception to think that only seriously ill people need counselling help. Studies show that over eight percent of people can benefit from counselling at some time in their lives. It is normal to need counselling when special concerns or difficult feelings arise. Most people have a problem with anxiety, depression, stress, relationships, etc., at some point.

What happens in counselling?

Counselling is a form of therapeutic partnership, where you and a counsellor discuss matters that are affecting you. Thinking of it as a form of consultation, both you and the counsellor conversationally attempt to understand the problems you face – a little like having a different perspective shared with you. Sometimes the counsellor might help you look into your past for examples on where the current problems first started. Sometimes the counsellor might help you look to the future to help you ponder about solutions that might help you.