Our Health Information area offers our patients and the general public information relating to various health issues.  A very wide variety of pamphlets and booklets are available free of charge.  Topics cover:  nutrition, weight, pregnancy, family planning, smoking, emotional stress, cancer, seniors, vision, sexuality, birth control, drugs and alcohol, osteoporosis, cardiovascular, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, childhood vaccines, social assistance and employment, home safety, sleep disorders, and many miscellaneous diseases and illnesses.

Specific packs of information are also available by request from our nursing staff.  These include:  Breastfeeding, Cholesterol, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Diabetes, Eating Disorder, Healthy Kids through Healthy Living, Menopause, Migraine, Osteoporosis, Parenting, Prenatal, Premenstrual Syndrome, Senior’s, Smoking, Teen, and Weight.


Nights, Weekends and Holidays.
We provide after-hours emergency service on nights, weekends and holidays. One of our doctors is “on-call” during those times to look after problems which cannot wait until regular office hours. When you call the clinic, the answering service will take your message and contact the doctor. If you have not heard from the on-call doctor within 20 minutes, please call again. Please do not go to a hospital Emergency Department until you have spoken to the on-call doctor, unless you feel that a delay in receiving medical care will be life-threatening. This may save you the trip or a long wait in emergency.


Telephone Advice.
If you have a question for any of our professionals, please leave a message at the appropriate extension and your call will be returned as soon as possible.


Our scheduling system enables you to make an appointment with your own physician on the day of your choice, often within two working days. We can also accommodate pre-booking of appointments. When your family physician is not available, our team of physicians and our Nurse Practitioners will continue to care for your needs. We are an “appointments only” facility. We do not accept “drop in” appointments. If you are unable to keep an appointment, please call and let us know as soon as possible so that someone else can be scheduled.


Access Scheduling includes three appointment types:
Same Day Access: we reserve appointment spots each day for doctors to see patients the same day that they call for an appointment.
Next Day Access: some spots are reserved for people to see their doctor the day after they have called in.
Pre-booked: appointments are spread throughout the schedule for bookings further down the line. These spots are great for Complete Check Ups and for people needing to advance book transportation, etc.

Our goal is that you can see your own doctor at the time that you need to or want to, often within 24 to 48 hours. For Access scheduling to work we also need the co-operation of our patients. The doctors at the Regina Community Clinic work as a Physician Group meaning that they will help care for each others patients. On a day that a physician is not regularly scheduled, or is away from the clinic, a Nurse Practitioner or another physician will be available.Please give Access a try the next time you need to book an appointment.Call our receptionist at 543-7880 for more information.