We encourage you to become a lifetime member and to have a say in how your health care co-operative is run. You would be welcome to provide input to matters that affect you, your family and your community. Placing membership does not make you a patient of the clinic.

Lifetime Membership
We offer a lifetime membership for the cost of $10 per person or $20 per family.  This lifetime membership gives you the right to:

  • vote at our Annual General Meeting
  • run for our Board of Directors
  • be a member on any of our Committees
  • receive our newsletter the “Pulse”

As a member-owner of The Co-operators, the Regina Community Clinic has entered into an exciting new partnership to make special insurance benefits available to you. Review these benefits and consider contacting The Co-operators to discuss them in more detail. Be sure to identify yourself as a member or employee of the Regina Community Clinic to ensure you receive the full benefit of this partnership.

If you have any questions about membership, contact us at (306)543-7880.


Become a member

  • Spouse’s name is only required if you are purchasing a family membership. Each adult will recieve their own identification number.
  • American Express
  • The Regina Community uses the transaction provider "Stripe" for website transactions. The billing name "Regina Community Clinic" will appear on your credit card statement.