What Do You Know About Weight Bias?

July 4, 2022By Regina Community ClinicLifestyles

You probably have heard of different forms of social bias: racism, ageism, sexism…but you may not have considered another population that often is a target of discrimination. Weight bias refers to negative attitudes and views about obesity and towards people with obesity. Weight bias can lead to other negative consequences, such as stigma and discrimination. Weight stigma refers to stereotypes and misconceptions about people with obesity. Weight discrimination refers to the actions of treating people with obesity unfairly leading to inequities.

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July 2022

International Self-Care Day

July 4, 2022By Regina Community ClinicCounselling

From the Counselling Department : International Self-Care Day

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Self-care is a lifelong habit and culture. It is the practice of individuals looking after their own health based on the knowledge and information available to them. It is a decision-making process that empowers individuals to look after their own health efficiently and conveniently, in collaboration with health and social care professionals as needed. – Global Self-Care Federation

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June 2022

Alcohol + FASD = A Bad Mix

May 30, 2022By Regina Community ClinicFASD

Chances are you can’t tell if someone has FASD by looking at them. For the majority of people this disability is invisible. Big challenges for people with FASD happen when they start drinking alcohol.

Because people with FASD were exposed to alcohol before they were born – while in the womb – they often have a different response to alcohol. Many people with FASD are quickly dependent upon alcohol and become addicted faster than expected.

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June 2022

FASD? Mental Health? Both?

April 29, 2022By Regina Community ClinicFASD

There is much confusion about FASD and mental health.

Here are some common questions we are asked:

Is FASD a mental health disorder?

No. FASD is a brain injury caused by prenatal alcohol exposure. FASD is now considered a full body disorder. People with FASD may have additional health issues along with brain differences.

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FASD? Mental Health? Both?

Going Vegetarian

April 29, 2022By Regina Community ClinicLifestyles, Nutrition

Have you ever considered following a vegetarian diet but not sure if you can give up steak the rest of your life? There are many benefits to following a vegetarian eating plan, but it doesn’t always mean that you can’t eat ANY meat. Here are some definitions for different types of vegetarianism:

Vegetarian – generally a term for someone who does not eat any meat

Ovo-vegetarian – does not eat meat and dairy products but will eat eggs

Lacto–vegetarian – does not eat meat and eggs but will eat dairy products

Flexitarian or semi-vegetarian – eats mostly plant-based foods but may occasionally include meat, dairy, eggs, poultry, and fish in small amounts

Pescatarian – does not eat meat but will eat fish

Pollo–vegetarian – does not eat meat or fish but will eat chicken

Vegan – does not eat any animal products, including honey and gelatin

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Going Vegetarian